Bermotti No Burn Aftershave (4 oz)

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Men shouldn’t dread the thought of shaving. That’s the idea behind all of our products at Foster and Lake. We’ve specially created an all-natural aftershave as a solution to uncomfortable shaves. This after shave works just like a balm to soothe skin and provide a masculine Bergamot scent. It is made completely alcohol-free to eliminate burning or itching. The powerful aftershave formula is a triple-threat as it simultaneously hydrates, conditions, and moisturizes skin for all day smoothness.

A better shave for a better day
Give back to your skin after shaving. Do that with Bermotti's no burn formula that actually adds moisture to your skin. Bermotti features a concentrated formula that includes up to 300 applications in one bottle. A small amount of this unique post-shave balm will last you for months and months. This one-of-a-kind soothing aftershave was built to put you and your razor back on good terms. Foster and Lake is dedicated to giving you the best shaving experience of your life.

What sets Bermotti apart? 
Men have been wondering for years why aftershaves always include alcohol that burn and sting. We wondered the same thing. Foster and Lake knew there had to be a better way. So we created one. Foster and Lake committed itself to creating a soothing aftershave that wouldn't dry skin out.

Crafted for Comfort and Quality
We crafted this aftershave with top quality ingredients from all-natural sources. We include Jojoba Oil extracted from Jojoba plants grown in the stunning American Southwest. We infuse that oil with a unique masculine Bergamot scent made from essential oils. The scent strikes just the right balance between strength and refreshment that you'll never tire of.

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Bermotti Aftershave

Posted by Laura on Feb 28th 2018
5.0 out of 5 Stars February 16, 2018 Amazon Verified Purchase- In addition to the Shave Oil, I also bought this product for my husband. His impression is that the Bermotti After Shave has a nice clean, citrusy smell. I'm really in love with the smell of this product on my husband so will definitely buy another bottle for him.

Bermotti Aftershave

Posted by Teo on Feb 28th 2018
5.0 out of 5 Stars January 4, 2018 Amazon Verified Purchase- GREAT PRODUCT

Bermotti Aftershave

Posted by Fletch on Feb 28th 2018
Fletch Amazon Review- 5.0 out of 5 stars- February 9, 2018 Verified Purchase- I love this stuff. Only need a few drops to cover my face, instantly soothing, and moisturizing. Smells great - my wife loves it. All natural, jojoba oil, no alcohol. The perfect after shave.
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