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Blade Bath (6 oz)

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It's in the best interest of razor blade companies, for your blades to rust and go dull. They make record profits, while you spend more and more to replace old blades. At Foster and Lake, we've found an elegant solution. Keep your razors sharp and clean, and spend less on razor replacement.

Extend the life of your existing blades
Our unique BLADE BATH formula extends the life of any razor blade up to 3 or 4 times longer than usual. The all-natural ingredients reduce the build-up of grit and grime on the blades. By keeping your blade clean, you can prevent dirt and rust from encroaching on your razor. This could help to reduce facial infections, ingrown hairs, and unsightly razor bumps all while providing a close shave.

Prevents normal wear and tear
Contrary to popular belief, blades aren't dulled by tough or coarse hair. They actually corrode from exposure to moisture and oxygen between every use. The interaction between these two elements creates build-up and rust that can make for a tough and painful shave. This can leave you with bumps and nicks until you buy replacement blades, which is exactly what razor companies want. 

How BLADE BATH works
By submerging your blade in Blade Bath, you displace any microscopic moisture that may be on the blade or in the air. This results in a major reduction of corrosion and ultimately longer blade life. BLADE BATH is an all-natural formula including powerful Tea Tree Oil and Cinnamon Oil to help fight off grit and leave your blade fresh and sharp. BLADE BATH is an incredible value. A 6-ounce bottle gives you an 8-month supply. Only four teaspoons of this special solution are needed every month!


  1. After shaving, rinse the blade with hot water
  2. Tap the blade on a clean cloth
  3. Submerge just the blade in a small amount of BLADE BATH using a coffee mug or cup
  4. When ready to shave, just rinse the blade with hot water

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    Blade Bath

    Posted by Teo on Feb 28th 2018

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    July 7, 2017
    Amazon Verified Purchase-
    With the high cost of razors, this product from Foster and Lake is one kind product for prolonging the life of your razor. Stops corrosion on the blades and my razors are staying sharp. All i do is soak it in the liquid after a shave and when I'm ready to rinse again, I rinse it with hot water and shave. Very happy with my purchase.