A Simple way to soften hair before shaving.

A Simple way to soften hair before shaving.

Posted by MR. Foster on Nov 4th 2020

Simple way to soften hair before shaving. They say that a piece of hair is as tough as an equally sized piece of copper wire!

First we have to understand what causes your hair to be so tough to cut. Imagine each hair having a coat of armor covering it. These are actually in the form of cell sized plates that overlap each other like tile or shingles on a roof. You have to penetrate these plates of armor before you attempt to make the shave. You can’t remove that “armor” but you can soften it before you shave.

The least expensive way to soften that plate of armor is to use warm water and a little mild facial cleanser. Wash your face thoroughly for one minute and then continue adding comfortably hot water for another one to two minutes while massaging your face/whiskers at the same time. Or if you don’t have the soap, no less than 3 minutes of warm water alone will also do the trick. Now that the “armor” is saturated with moisture, it’s soft enough to shave.

The type of razor to use is dependent on your personal preference. If the hair is prepped correctly, just about any decent razor with a newer blade will work just fine. We use Blade Bath, listed below, to keep it sharp after each shave. I always say if the handle feels comfortable in your hand and you have control, go for it.

Considering shaving lotion? We don’t cover up the beard in soap, foam or gel. We want to see where we are shaving when we shave. Just allow the blade to glide over the face. We use SHAVE ANSWERS Shave Oil from Foster and Lake, Inc. This is natural, yet simple formula of just two ingredients, coconut oil fortified with Meadow Foam Seed Oil. This allows the blade to glide over the skin without nicks or cuts. While at the same time slices through the softened hair s. Poor 3 to 5 drops in your hand, rub in to the area to be shaved and then shave. Your blade strokes should be in the same direction as the hair growth. If you miss a spot, make a second stroke in the opposite direction. If you ever feel any drag on the blade, simply re-wet with a light splash of warm water and continue to shave. You’ll get about 300 shaves in a bottle and its all natural and un-scented so it won’t interfere with the scent of your aftershave.