Q. Why is washing my face before I shave so important?

First we have to understand what causes your hair to be so tough to shave. Imagine each hair having a coat of armor covering it. These are actually in the form of tiny plates that overlap each other like tile or shingles on a roof. You have to penetrate these plates of armor before you attempt to shave. You can’t remove that “armor” but you can soften it before you shave. This is the way you can do it with just water.

The least expensive way to soften those plates of armor is to use warm water and a little mild facial cleanser. Wash your face thoroughly for 30 seconds with mild facial cleanser and then rinse and continue splashing on comfortably hot water for another 2 1/2 minutes while massaging your face/whiskers at the same time. Or if you don’t have soap, no less than 3 minutes of warm water alone will also do the trick. Now that the “armor” is saturated with moisture, it’s soft enough to shave. There is no lessor expensive way to do this than with warm water. This is why you see professional barbers apply a hot towel to your face prior to shaving at the barber shop. Otherwise you get a very uncomfortable shave.

Q. Why don't I need to use Shave Answers with a cream, foam or shaving lather?

Shaving products like creams, foam or lather have mostly water and soap in them. These act as fillers to take up space in the can or tube you pay for. These ingredients serve no purpose except to try and keep your beard wet while you shave. If you prepare your face by cleaning it with a mild facial cleanser and warm water prior to shaving, it prepares your face for the shave and you don't need the foam or lather. The goal here is to soften the beard hairs prior to shaving. This is what makes shaving the hair or whiskers easy. If you feel any drag on the razor it is because you didn't moisten the hairs with warm water long enough or you have an old, or poorly maintained blade.

Shave Answers is 100% natural oil. You get only what is necessary to experience a great shave. When shaving with Shave Answers, if your beard becomes dry or your razor begins to drag, just add a little more water to the area and continue to shave. Warm water is the lowest cost solution you have when it comes to producing a better shave and it comes out of your faucet. So use it prior to shaving.

Q. Why don't I see BLADE BATH in the stores?

This is simple. Blade Bath makes razor blades last longer and saves you money. Retail stores don't sell as many blades if you purchased it with your razors!!

Q. Should I shave against the natural growth of my beard hair?

No. We don't suggest this but some people can as long as it doesn't cause irritation. You should shave in the direction of the hair growth and then if you want an even better shave or missed an area, re-wet your face with a little warm water and shave at an angle or opposite to the hair growth. This may only be comfy for some skin types, but not all.

Q. What is the difference between natural and organic?

Natural products like all of the Foster and Lake branded products, are derived from plants vs. chemically manufacture synthetic ingredients. Our products are formulated with no more than three ingredients, contain no alcohol or preservatives, paraben free and without phthalates. We do not test on animals and they are blessed by an ordained shavoligist! Let's just say Foster and Lake products are safer than 90% of most products sold today.

Organic products are required to be "Certified Organic". This adds cost that would not add enough value to make you happy. Perhaps someday cost for "Certified Organic" raw oils will be more affordable. When that happens, we will switch all ingredients to organic.

Q. Should I use a Double Edge (DE) or straight edge razor?

What ever  floats your boat. Go for it, but we truly believe that razor technology is better than it was 50 years ago. The razors that you buy today are superior to the ones our fathers or grandfathers used. The trend in wet shaving with straight edge razors and (DE) retro razors are cool although it is expensive, time consuming and most guys just want shaving to be simple, fast and without blood shed.

Q. Do you have samples?

Yes. Bermotti Aftershave and Blade Bath are not available in sample sizes but if you order either of them we'll send you a free mini sample of SHAVE ANSWERS Shave Oil with your order.

Q. Is shipping always free?

YESSSSSSS. Take advantage of this before we change our mind. It costs us about $3 or $4  to provide free shipping but we know many expect free shipping so we make it happen on all orders for now. Free Shipping won't last for long.

Q. What ingredients do you use?

See the Ingredients page for more information. Everything is natural and never tested on animals.

Q. What if I am allergic to your ingredients?

There are only two or three simple ingredients in each of the Foster and Lake products so its unlikely and makes it easy to identify the good from the bad. Check the label for ingredients or click here  for Ingredients listed in each product. Anything on the planet could cause an allergic reaction to someone, so if you see something in our list that you know is bad for you or you think will cause you harm, don't use it.

Q. Why doesn't Shave Answers have any scent?

Scented shaving products just don't make sense. Why would you want to have something scented on your face before you add an expensive aftershave or cologne? A scented shaving solution would alter the scent of that expensive aftershave or cologne. If we used a scented oil in SHAVE ANSWERS, it would also alter the results of your shave. It would dilute the main ingredients of Coconut Oil and Meadow Foam Seed Oil and have a negative effect on your shaving experience. Hey, get real, you don't need a scented shaving solution but you do need a perfectly scented aftershave or cologne. That's what you're paying for.

Q. Can I use Shave Answers as a Pre-Shave Oil?

Yes. But, this is not necessary if you wash your face with warm water and a facial cleanser prior to shaving. SHAVE ANSWERS is intended to be used without a foam, gel or lathering shave soap over the top of it. But, if you insist, and like using a foamy lather to cover your face so you can't see where you're shaving, or if you like wasting time and money on unnecessary shaving products, by all means, you can use Shave Answers Shave Oil as a pre-shave oil.

Q. Can I use Shave Answers with an electric razor?

Yes, use a small amount and prepare your face as we suggest with warm water and mild facial cleanser prior to applying Shave Answers. Use only one to three drops of Shave Answers and brush clean your razor after every use.

Q. Do you sell to wholesalers or distributors?

Absolutely. Please email us at to inquire about reselling Foster and Lake Products. We would appreciate your support.

Q. I have a question that you haven't answered in the above "Frequently Asked Questions". Can you help me?

Yes. Please send us an email with any question and we will not only answer it but also include it in our FAQ section. Email us at