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Save 8% when you buy our combo pack! Includes:

Shave Answers Shaving Oil (4 oz)
Say good-bye to painful nicks and cuts while shaving. Foster and Lake is committed to giving you a quick and clean shave. We've specially created an all-natural shaving oil as a solution to uncomfortable shaves. This oil is not a pre-shave, so you can eliminate all those extra creams, foams, or gels. This powerful formula has three times the acting power by hydrating, conditioning, and moisturizing skin.

Bermotti No Burn Aftershave (4 oz)
Men shouldn't dread the thought of shaving. That's the idea behind all of our products at Foster and Lake. We've specially created an all-natural aftershave as a solution to uncomfortable shaves. This after shave works just like a balm to soothe skin. It is made completely alcohol-free to eliminate burning or itching. The powerful aftershave formula is a triple-threat as it simultaneously hydrates, conditions, and moisturizes skin for all day smoothness.

Blade Bath (6 oz)
Our unique Blade Bath formula extends the life of any razor blade up to 3 or 4 times longer than usual. The all-natural ingredients reduce the build-up of grit and grime on the blades. By keeping your blade clean, you can prevent dirt and rust from encroaching on your razor. This could help to reduce facial infections, ingrown hairs, and unsightly razor bumps all while providing a close shave.

Makes a great gift any time of the year!

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